Particular attention is dedicated to vintage cars through a selected production of “Vintage wheels”, produced in almost 100 years of activity.

“In the warehouse some wooden models manufactured in the 60’s in the old plant in Torino have been found: these are wheels for specific car models like Fiat 850, Lancia Fulvia and Flavia, Alfa Romeo GT. Our specialists are seeking the source of some wheels without identification inscriptions, making reference to samples of the steering wheel column available by the Quality Control department…”


Nardi steering wheel never stops making fashion.

This activity was born after many requests coming from vintage cars owners, who were not in condition to find capable artisans.
Most of them were wood steering wheels installed in cars produced from the 50’s on.
The complete process goes from the simple restore of the wood, to the complete remake of the grip and polishing of the aluminium.


Nardi-Personal S.p.A. has re-started the production of steering wheels in limited lots for some of the most famous cars produced in the 50’s and 60’s.
The production was started with the steering wheels for Porsche 356 A, B & C for Mercedes 300SL (two versions Roadster and Gullwing) and W107 (Pagoda).
After these, steering wheels for Ferrari GTO assembled from 1959 since 1965 and also for Alfa Romeo 1900, Giulia and Giulietta and other ones will follow for the most beautiful cars of the second part of post-war period).


Pagani Zonda Roadster F is a classic example of a GT car with a 12 cilynders Mercedes engines equipped with a Nardi steering wheel, a special version of Kallista.
This car is the last version of the extraordinary Italian GT, a sports car with high performances, projected and manufactured with the highest care refinement.
Its passenger compartment is equipped with steering wheel, gear shift knob and hand brake handle made by Nardi. Kallista is a very special product, not only for the design, but also for the attention of its manufactures.
This wheel has Nardi’s past design (as three aluminium spokes and the wooden crown and rivets) but also modern parts as the grip in punched leather and the down part of the crown flat.